Programs & Pricing

All LawCharge programs follow the ABA and your state bar requirements regarding accepting credit cards and trust accounting compliance. All of our programs allow you to deposit to both your Trust and Operating accounts, with fees only debited from your operating account. There are no contract period or cancellation fees.

Below is a brief synopsis of our programs. For detailed information as well as an opportunity to discuss the best option for your specific needs – give us a call. If need be, we will work with you to design an attorney-merchant account program for your firm’s specific needs.

Traditional Attorney-Merchant Accounts; Virtual Terminal Internet Processing, $7.50 monthly fee per account, discount fee is 2.35% ‘capped at 3.5%; .25 cent transaction fee, electronic check conversion rate of $1.00 per item; free click to pay link on your web site, will provide a hyperlink for your invoices. $75.00 annual PCI fee (charged annually every June).
If you have a POS terminal the discount fee is 1.70% for a swiped transaction and 2.75%. for keyed. The transaction fee is .25 cents. Same annual PCI fee of $75, Some older machines may not be programmable for PCI compliance. $7.50 monthly fee.

Private Payment Program: With this program your client pays the discount and transaction fees, at the higher rate of 3.5% and a $2.00 transaction fee. This option saves the firm the processing costs. In addition – you never have the client’s credit card information. It also gives you flexibility in your billing as to how you may want to appropriate the transaction costs between the firm and the client. Please see further comments above regarding this program.

Our phone app programs are the only available phone apps that can accommodate the trust accounting compliance and no co-mingling issues!

Mobile Phone Processing:: No sign up fee, no PCI costs, free ‘swipe’. Transaction fee is .25 cents. Deposit to both IOLTA and operating accounts, fees, costs only debited from operating account. Rates apply to swiped and keyed transactions.Option 1: No monthly fee, discount fee is 2.50%, capped at 3.5%. Option 2: $10.00 monthly fee, 1.69% discount fee capped at 3.5%.

LawCharge-Intuit Gopayment mobile phone program: 2.40% discount fee, keyed rate is 3.40%, .25 cent transaction fee, no monthly fee, no renewal fee, no PCI fee, Free virtual terminal, free click to pay link on your website, free hyperlink for your invoices. Phone swipe cost is $30.00. This program can integrate with QuickBooks.