Increase Revenue

Increase your cash flow by 30-40 percent!

Have you ever lost a potential client because they did not haves a cash deposit? Do you have slow paying clients? Are there lingering accounts receivable on your books? Do you simply want to bring in more revenue?

With LawCharge and our unique attorney-merchant account programs you can now offer your clients a payment option that meets their needs while meeting your own as well. In these uncertain economic times you need to stay a step ahead of your competition and offer your clients an option that will allow them to hold on to their cash and still be able to hire you… and pay you!

For some clients, the option to pay by credit card may simply be an opportunity to earn those extra bonus points. You will discover that by accepting a credit card payment you can focus exclusively on your client’s matters; that onerous task of having to dun a client for payment will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

When you are paid ‘up-front’ you will increase your cash flow and reduce expensive time spent on collection efforts. If any, the one time start-up cost is so much less than the average lost revenue of just one write-off!