The Attorney - Merchant Account
Programs Uniquely Tailored
For The Specific and Special
Needs Of Attorneys
Designed By An Attorney
For Attorneys
Direct Deposit to Your Trust
and/or Operating Account
Fees Debited From Your
Operating Account Only
Increase Revenues
Improve Cash Flow
Collect on Past-Due Billings
Reduce Write-Offs
Maintain Your Current
Banking Relationship
Offer Your Clients Their Choice
of Payment Options

LawCharge, Inc.
Aiken, SC 29803

Welcome To Lawcharge …

LawCharge- The most cost efficient attorney-merchant account programs for solo and small firms and the most flexible for mid to large size firms.

Designed by an attorney for attorneys.

Why LawCharge? LawCharge was the first to bring you merchant accounts designed specifically for attorneys. As the pioneers, we are always subject to copy cats but our programs are hard to beat.

Have you ever lost a potential client because they did not have a cash deposit? Do you have slow paying clients? Are there lingering accounts receivable on your books?

Accepting credit cards is a staple of smart business practice and a law practice is a business. Stay ahead of your competition and offer your clients their choice of payment options whether it be credit / debit cards, electronic checks or recurring monthly billing.

You can accept credit cards with confidence when LawCharge is watching your back.