About Us

As a practicing attorney Tracy L. Griffin founded LawCharge in 2000. Prior to becoming an attorney in Florida and South Carolina, she had 20 plus years experience in the payment processing industry. Quickly recognizing the need for a unique attorney-merchant account program that would keep attorneys in compliance with IOLTA/trust accounting rules, she developed the first of its’ kind merchant account processing programs designed for the specific needs of attorneys when accepting credit cards.

LawCharge was the first, and we’re still the best.

You can accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card as well as debit cards. We offer a variety of custom tailored programs. There are no contract periods, and our rates are very competitive. We also offer electronic check verification, conversion and check guarantee services. We can set you up for Online and ‘Shopping Cart’ processing for those of you offering legal services on the Internet.

Whatever your processing needs, we will help you increase your revenues, reduce your accounts receivables, and let you offer your clients their choice of payment method. If the client chooses to charge your fees for the ‘bonus points’ they may earn or because they may need to hold on to their available cash — you will be able to give them the payment option that meets their needs… and best of all — you will have your fees paid up-front and in-full!

We know how important it is to grow your practice and still do all you can for your clients. Our attorney-merchant account programs will help you. We are committed to providing the very best to our fellow attorneys and it shows in everything we do.