The Attorney - Merchant Account
Programs Uniquely Tailored
For The Specific and Special
Needs Of Attorneys
Designed By An Attorney
For Attorneys
Increase Revenues
Improve Cash Flow
Reduce Write-Offs
Collect on Past-Due Billings
Direct Deposit to Your Trust
and/or Operating Account
Fees Debited From Your
Operating Account Only
Maintain Your Current Banking Relationship
Offer Your Clients Their Choice
of Payment Options

LawCharge, Inc.
220 Sand Fox Place
Aiken, SC 29803
877-720-7447 (phone/fax)

Our New Partner

LawCharge was founded in 2000 by Tracy L. Griffin. Esq. Tracy has 20 plus years experience in the payment processing industry. She is a licensed attorney in both Florida and South Carolina. Recognizing the need for a merchant asccount program to help attorneys stay in compliance with IOTA/trust accounting rules, she developed the first of its kind merchant account processing programs designed for the specific needs of attorneys when accepting credit cards.

LAWCHARGE was the first, and we’re still the best. And now ….we’re even better! LawCharge has partnered with Virtual Payment Systems (VPS). VPS has been around almost as long as LawCharge and has added some very unique features to the processing side for our attorney merchant accounts. You may learn more about that in our Programs section.

Together, VPS and LawCharge are able to offer you a variety of merchant accounts one of which is sure to meet your needs. We are committed to you – the brave and adventurous, the Solo and Small Firm attorneys. Of course we’re here for Big Law as well !

You can accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card as well as debit cards. There are no contract periods, no junk fees and our rates are competitive. We also offer electronic check verification, conversion and check guarantee services. We can set you up for Online and ‘Shopping Cart’ processing for those of you offering legal services on the Internet. You can accept credit cards on your smart phone. When you open your Attorney-Merchant Account with LAWCHARGE/VPS you will have access to 24/7/365 customer support.

Whatever your processing needs, LawCharge/VPS will help you increase your revenues, reduce your accounts receivable and let you offer your clients their choice of payment method. If the client chooses to charge your fees for the ‘bonus points’ they may earn or because they may need to hold on to their available cash — you will be able to give them the payment option that meets their needs… and best of all — you will have your fees paid up-front and in-full!

I found the ability to accept credit cards to be extremely useful, particularly in the area of retainers, when in the practice of family law, parents, who may be out of state, are assisting their family members who are in need of legal services.
— William L. Penrose, Esq. St. Petersburg, FL