The Attorney - Merchant Account
Programs Uniquely Tailored
For The Specific and Special
Needs Of Attorneys
Designed By An Attorney
For Attorneys
Increase Revenues
Improve Cash Flow
Reduce Write-Offs
Collect on Past-Due Billings
Direct Deposit to Your Trust
and/or Operating Account
Fees Debited From Your
Operating Account Only
Maintain Your Current Banking Relationship
Offer Your Clients Their Choice
of Payment Options

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Programs and Pricing


The fees you are quoted depend upon the type of processing you choose. If the transaction can ‘read’ the magnetic strip or the new EMV chip  your processing fees will be lower. We offer the traditional Point of Sale Terminal (machine) processing, Phone, Internet Virtual Terminal, and /or Web site and shopping cart processing. For detailed information as well as an opportunity to discuss the best option for your specific needs – give us a call.

All of our programs follow the ABA and your state bar requirements regarding accepting credit cards and trust accounting compliance. All of our programs allow you to deposit to both your IOLTA and operating accounts, however fees will only be debited from your operating account. Any fees or costs cover both of your accounts.

Below is a brief synopsis of our programs. If need be, we will work with you to design an attorney-merchant account program for your firm’s specific needs.

  1. Traditional Attorney-Merchant Accounts; Virtual Terminal Internet Processing: $15.00 monthly fee, discount fee is 2.35% ‘capped at 3.5%; .25 cent transaction fee, electronic check conversion rate of $1.00 per item; free click to pay link on your web site. $75.00 annual PCI fee (charged 90 days after account is approved then annually thereafter); $100.00 sign up /annual re-newel fee.

The Point of Sale (POS) terminal pricing on our Traditional Attorney-Merchant Accounts (as above) will apply to a ‘swiped’ transaction (if you are on the ‘swiping’ program, any non-swiped transaction will incur additional fees, the  card must be present and actually swiped for optimal pricing): You will need a terminal or card reader which we can provide at direct cost. Monthly costs for a ‘swiping’ program: $15.00 monthly fee, discount fee is 1.70%  and ‘capped’ at 3.50%; .25 transaction fee, $75.00 annual PCI fee (charged 90 days after account is open, then annually thereafter); $50.00 account set up fee up /annual re-newel fee.

  1. Private Payment Program:With this program pays the discount and transaction fees, at the higher ‘capped rate’ of 3.5% and $2.00. This option saves the firm the processing costs. It also gives you flexibility in your billing as to how you may want to appropriate the transaction costs between the firm and the client.

For years we have had requests for this type of program, and for years the Card companies prohibited this practice. As a result of a class action settlement in January 2013 between merchants and the Card companies it is now acceptable to add a surcharge to the transaction.  However eleven states—California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma and Texas—and Puerto Rico have laws that prohibit merchants from charging consumers with surcharges on credit card transactions.

While you may not be able to add a surcharge (a surcharge is typically the percentage you, as the merchant pays to the Card companies and it varies by card), many of these state do permit you to add a ‘convenience fee’. The difference is the convenience fee is a flat, across the board fee regardless of transaction amount. We always advise the firm to check with their state bar ethics committee for guidance.

3. Mobile Phone Processing program: No sign up fee, no PCI costs, free ‘swiper’. Transaction fee is .25 cents. Deposit to both IOLTA and operating accounts, fees, costs only debited from operating account. Rates apply to swiped and keyed transactions. Our phone app programs are the only available phone apps that can accommodate the specific needs of attorneys in your trust accounting compliance with no co-mingling issues!

Option 1:  No monthly fee, discount fee is 2.50%, capped at 3.5%.

Option 2: $10.00 monthly fee, 1.69% discount fee capped at 3.5%

  1. LawCharge-Intuit Go Payment mobile phone program: 2.40% discount fee, keyed rate is 3.40%, .25 cent transaction fee, no monthly fee, no renewal fee, no PCI fee, Free virtual terminal and phone swiper and dual web based attorney merchant accounts. Can integrate with QuickBooks.

5. LawCharge-Intuit Quick Books program: Quick Books Online -$19.95 per month with a 1.75 swipe rate and 3.15 keyed. Transaction fee .25 No set up fees, no PCI fees no annual fees. Includes electronic check conversion, click to pay link for your website.




I found the ability to accept credit cards to be extremely useful, particularly in the area of retainers, when in the practice of family law, parents, who may be out of state, are assisting their family members who are in need of legal services.
— William L. Penrose, Esq. St. Petersburg, FL